This section explains how to get quickly started and have an inventory running in your own game within a few minutes.

How do I add this to my game ?

There are 2 main ways you can add the Inventory Engine to your game :

  • the fast way is to open one of your scenes, drag and drop the PixelRogueRoom1 demo scene into it, drag and drop elements from it into your scene, and remove it. The elements you’ll want to drag and drop that way are the Inventories and InventoryCanvas objects. The Inventories hold the inventory data, and the InventoryCanvas contains everything you need to interact with it. You’ll probably want to modify, rename and reorganize its contents to suit your needs.
  • the other way, and the recommended one, is to read through this documentation (it’s not that long) to find out how each components work, and how to best customize them to suit your own needs.
  • if you decide to get rid of demo elements, such as the InventoryDemoGameManager, make sure you implement their behaviors somewhere in your own classes!